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My work as a clinical scientist in academic psychology and medicine has focused on:

  1. Understanding how natural differences between people influence their response to life stress.

  2. Designing and testing interventions to improve wellness and health behavior (e.g., exercise).

Here are a few peer-reviewed publications that reflect my work in academic psychology/medicine:

  1. "Pilot Feasibility Study of a Play-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Patients Experiencing Psychological Distress." Annals of Family Medicine. Link.

  2. "Adults want to play too: Feasibility of an adult physical activity program designed to maximize enjoyment." Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Link.

  3. "Communication and social interaction anxiety enhance interleukin-1 beta and cortisol reactivity during high-stakes public speaking."PsychoneuroendocrinologyLink.

  4. "Interest among primary care patients in group problem-solving gameplay for mental health." Preventing Chronic Disease. Link.
  5. "Online positive affect journaling in the improvement of mental distress and well-being in general medical patients with elevated anxiety symptoms: A preliminary randomized controlled trial." JMIR Mental Health. Link.
  6. "Stress reactivity to co-rumination in young women's friendships: Cortisol, alpha-amylase, and negative affect focus."Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Link.

  7. "The father-daughter dance: The relationship between father-daughter relationship quality and daughters' stress response. Journal of Family Psychology. Link.​

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